IT Complete for Schools

We build powerful, easy to manage networks by leveraging innovative technology


No surprises, no high subscription costs for hardware.

IT has grown beyond the days when hardware and subscriptions cost a fortune.


Our Help Desk system is a proven solution that works with current onsite staff in a simple, effective manner. 

Whether its opening a ticket or researching a past solution.

24/7 Support

Providing a fast turnaround every single day of the year. We understand that schools require special attention, and that state testing requires the IT support to be top notch.

Easy Pricing

We don’t believe in nickel and diming our clients, thats why we work on a flat fee. This model allows both sides to appropriately budget years expenses.

Below are the services included in SFT IT Complete.

Cyber Security

School Content Filtering
Cloud-based web filtering

1:1 cloud-based web filter maintains an age-appropriate internet that blocks and prevents unwanted surprises, monitors for bullying, and helps schools remain CIPA-compliant.

We specialize working with Chromebooks and other Student devices.

Email Protection

Email protection includes Advanced Threat Detection, a vital security layer that scans email attachments in most commonly used file formats and compares them against a cryptographic hash database.

Files of unknown status are detonated in a sandbox environment within the Email Protection Cloud to observe its behavior, and the result is pushed into the Email Protection Real Time System to provide protection for all other customers. Emails found to contain malicious content are quarantined and administrators and users can be notified. If no malicious content is found, regular mail processing rules apply.

Security & Support

With c3micro we are continuously monitoring, updating, and securing your framework from any outside threats to help keep your school CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) compliant. In this day and age it is vital that security measures for your network and campus are not only put into place but also continuously supported, and unfortunately Schools are not exempt from breaches. This includes but is not limited to firewalls, web filtering, adhering to CIPA, cameras, network infrastructure, and even computer repair.? c3micro can also help to keep your students safe and productive by supporting or installing security cameras, web filtering and tracking to prevent students from reaching explicit websites.

Enterprise WiFi

Powerful WiFi Coverage

Unifi access points offered by Ubiquiti support AC wireless, performing extremely fast speeds over 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks. Unifi access points come in a variety of options, ranging from 867-1733 Mbps speeds. Certain devices are also weather resistant, and can be mounted outside if outdoor coverage is needed. Unifi AP grids are among the most powerful wireless solutions offered anywhere.

UniFi Your Systems

Through the tools Ubiquiti provides, it has never been more simple to manage and maintain your network. Monitor traffic, map wireless coverage, and connect your network across multiple sites. The Unifi platform is a one-step solution to a proper healthy network.

Ease of Management and Growth

No complicated software, easy manage and easy to grow as your school grows.

Date: February 12, 2021